Hemp and CBD Oil to help you feel better

Skip the overwhelming process of choosing a safe and effective CBD oil or hemp product and get back to feeling your best again.

Discover a happier life with hemp that works.

Hemp-Derived THC Gummies
Hemp-Derived THC Gummies $39.99
Want access to a safe, healthy, and effective Delta-9 THC gummy you can feel? Meet the Wake + Bake gummy – it’s full-spectrum, made with organic ingredients, and is naturally extracted from federally legal hemp plants. With 2.5mg of hemp-derived THC and 25mg of CBD to bring on enhanced benefits you’ll feel the effects in your mind and body. This enhanced full spectrum formula also contains plant-derived CBG, CBN, and CBC. We love these gummies for: falling asleep easily, relaxation in social situations, muscle tension and microdosing. All Wake + Bake Hemp Co. products are hemp-derived and federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill.
Daytime CBD Soft gels
Daytime CBD Soft gels $59.99
These full spectrum gel caps are the most convenient way to get consistent on a CBD regimen. They’re easy to take, easy to dose, and great for those schedule-packed days when you’re on the move. We love these for: all day relief, on-the go dosing, daytime productivity and focus Made with premium full spectrum hemp extract and covered by our 30 day satisfaction guarantee.
Pet Formula: CBD Oil
Pet Formula: CBD Oil $59.99
Whether you’re looking to calm your pet’s anxious mind or support their muscles and joints, our Pet Formula CBD is here to help. We love Wake + Bark for: supporting our aging dogs and cats, to help our pets when they travel, to get the neighbor’s dog to stop barking (just kidding!) Made with premium full spectrum hemp extract and covered by our 30 day satisfaction guarantee.
Organic CBD Massage Oil
Organic CBD Massage Oil $49.99
Looking to spice up your date night or soothe sore muscles? This luxurious USDA Certified Organic CBD Massage Oil is designed to enhance body work and intimacy and is safe for even the most sensitive areas. We love it for reducing muscle tension, intimacy, and post-workout support. Made with premium full spectrum hemp extract and covered by our 30 day satisfaction guarantee.
The modern world is hard on your health and your mood. It’s common to feel stressed, tired, cranky, and tense. But it’s not normal.

With Wake + Bake Hemp and CBD Oil we want you to

Fall aseep easily

Get the rest you need to have the energy you want

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Find more patience

Be more present with your family and friends

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Reduce tension

And simply feel better in everyday life

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Hi! We’re Corinne and Erin.

Hi! We're Corinne and Erin.

Because we’ve experienced things like ADHD, chronic pain, sleepless nights, and snapping at our kids, we know what it’s like to want to find a solution that works.

And we want you to know that it can get better.

We did the research for you and have dedicated our lives to this plant.

• 10+ years of experience working in hemp

• 100+ hours reading scientific literature and testing products so you don’t have to

• Transparent lab testing on every bottle

How it works

1. Choose a product

2. Use product daily and track effects

3. Start feeling your best

Like you, we’ve spent thousands of dollars on supplements that ended up taking up shelf space. That all changed when we started using hemp.

We’d never add to your collection of dusty supplements.

Our Guarantee To You

Try a Wake + Bake Hemp product for 30 days, stop for a week and if you don’t notice a difference, we’ll send you a refund.

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